مرحبا بكم في منتداكم الأحلى والأجمل والأمثل منتدى المصطفى يا هلاا ومرحبا

حياك الله بيننا ونتمنى انه يسعدك منتدانا..

اهلاا وسهلاا بك بيننا ..

اضفت نورا جديدا على منتدانا

بــكــل حــب وإحــتــرام وشــوق
نــســتــقــبــلك ونــفــرش طــريــقــك بــالــورد
ونــعــطــر حــبــر الــكــلــمــات بــالــمــســك والــعــنــبــر

ونــنــتــظــر الإبــداع مــع نــســمــات الــلــيــل

لــتــصــل هــمــســات قــلــمــك إلــى قــلــوبــنــا

نــنــتــظــر بــوح قــلــمــك



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احداث منتدى مجاني
واد الذئاب

الإثنين يوليو 12, 2010 6:46 pm من طرف mustapha

هذا هو رابط المشاهدة

حمل فيلم وادى الذئاب العراق Kurtlar Vadisi - Irak


kurtatlar vadisi irak

حصريا حمل فيلم وادى الذئاب
العراق Kurtlar Vadisi - Irak

kurtatlar vadisi - irak


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أفلام عربي روعة وكمان أفلام أكشن

الإثنين يوليو 12, 2010 6:19 pm من طرف mustapha

من أفضل المواقع على الإطلاق


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Your first subject

الأحد يوليو 11, 2010 8:24 pm من طرف mustapha

Take some time to read this information before starting to use the administration of your forum:

How to access your administration panel ?
In the top menu, click on Log In, a new page is displayed. Fill in the username "admin" and the password you have choosen during your registration. If you have lost or forgot it, click here. Once you are logged in, click on the link "Administration Panel" at …

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حمل 2011 PES

اذهب الى الأسفل

حمل 2011 PES

مُساهمة  mustapha في الأربعاء يوليو 14, 2010 10:46 am

2011: New Information


Posted by dougiedonut in PES 2010 News on Tue
13 Jul


Konami Digital Entertainment has today elaborated on the many new
additions gracing its eagerly-awaited PES 2011 title.
Due for release in the Autumn, PES 2011 has been astounding football
fans with its free-flowing, unfettered gameplay. Total control is the
new game’s mantra, and PES 2011 delivers this with an all-new power
gauge system wherein players govern the strength and position of every
pass. Total 360-degree control adds a layer of realism to the series, and Konami has showcased
this innovation with an all-new trailer.
The new footage shows the total freedom of passing PES 2011 offers,
alongside closer looks at its new dribbling, defensive hold-up play, and jostling. Similarly,
the trailer gives an insight into the new power gauge, while also
showing how feints and tricks can be mapped on to the R3 button and accessed with ease. PES
2011 utilises over 1000 new animations, and these are also on show as
the new game demonstrates its key attributes in the footage.
Konami has also released a number of new screens to accompany the
trailer, and these reveal for the first time the new ‘Stadium Edit’
mode, that allows users to create their own home ground for use in the
game, and the first screens for the massively reworked Become a Legend
mode, where players are cast as an upcoming starlet and strive to earn
major honours and become the world’s greatest player. More information will be released in the
coming months.
Apologies for not uploading video – i’ve not got enough time to do
this, but I’m sure you won’t mind going to WENB or youtube to find the
latest video…
UPDATE: Here’s a video link:

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